Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I know I haven’t posted any new recipes lately, mainly based on the fact that I have started a new job a few months ago and it’s been crazy busy! I basically come home from work late and it has been “just find something to eat.” OK, kinda wrong as I am not providing good meals for the family, but let’s face it…sometimes your work life gets in the way and at the end of the day you just don’t feel like making dinner. My daughter has said to me “let me guess Mom, it’s make your own tonight?” Ugh! It hurts my heart to hear that, so I am vowing to my family to get back to “cooking dinner!”

But today I digress and bring you another great find at Trader Joe’s. :) The traditional vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

This was yummy! I made this into a bundt cake, but you could easily make it into a layered cake or even cupcakes.
The family loved it! I took a picture of the final product, but it totally stunk! So you will have to trust me and know this is “a good find!” :)

Please stay with us, as more delicious home made recipes will be coming! Thank you! :)

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  1. Sadly, they discontinued this cake mix in Sept 2012…I am truly upset about this and don’t know what I can do to get them to bring it back! I don’t bake, and I don’t want to learn either, nor do I have time. I just want their box chocolate cake mix back and the icing!! It was the best and no one could tell it was a box cake AND the best part, it was all natural ingredients unlike Dunkin’s or Bettie’s! Trader Joe’s, bring the chocolate cake mix and icing back!!!

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