New Finds at Trader Joe’s

New Finds at Trader Joe’s

We are huge fans of Trader Joe’s! We travel about an hour every two weeks to pick up our certain favorites and also see what is new that we can try. We frequently speak with this one lady who goes over each item in our cart at check out and will “ooh and ahh” over the items that we bought and she will share what she does with it or “have you tried this with that.” Another wonderful thing about this store….everyone is so friendly and helpful. If there is an item that we love and want to make sure we get it, we can call ahead and they will hold it for us.

Since we find so many great things there, I will start sharing all of these wonderful goodies, as well as recipes we create. I know not everyone is fortunate enought to have a Trader Joe’s near them, which is so stinky, so I apologize in advance, as you will have to see these wonderful treasures (yes, I truly feel that way) and not be able to enjoy them.

I found this bag of popcorn on one of their end cap displays that always seem to draw me in. It was such an enormous display of popcorn with a chalkboard indicating the item and for how much. It was $1.99, not bad and so I tossed it into the cart. My Star said “I knew that was going in the cart.” :) That is pretty much how we both buy things there. “Oh, that looks good” and there it goes being tossed into the cart.

This popcorn is quite tasty! Its organic popcorn that is popped with hot air and finished with organic extra virgin olive oil and then lightly dusted with sea salt. I have to say I like it better than buttered popcorn. Very yummy!

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